Barnum Institute of Science and Horror

You do get allies

D’art’s computer was upset for the first half of the session, so this section will be extremely brief. so the keeper added the missing notes.

The investigators exited into the Third Grand Saloon. The entrance to this room is a short hallway; the walls are covered with Native American and South American artifacts, including displays of arrow heads, bows, flute, pipe, headdress, etc. A turn in the hall reveals a glass case against the wall. Inside is a placard that simply read: “Mayan and Aztec jewelry”. Inside was a collection of gold jewelry with turquoise, quartz, and jade, several decorated with skulls and serpent heads. One necklace was peculiar: it contained several turquoise beads strung on a fine resin-ed string with a large center circular turquoise stone. The center stone contained an etched and dyed hippopotamus (not native to the Americas). Elmer and Douglas discussed the piece, deciding it was middle-North African – possibly Egyptian.

The hallway opened into the larger room. A large collection of Russian war artifacts occupied a large portion against the far wall. It included a soldier in full decorative dress, but very much in-accurate in attire. He wore a black fur Cossack hat, and Russian army double-button breasted black coat with white cross-stripe. Shoulder patches were stitched onto the coat: one that of a Sergeant, and another that of a Lieutenant General. He was decorated with 3 medals, also a mismatch: a French medal depicting Napolean, a Sudan Africa military medal, and a British medal inscribed with the words: “PUNNIAR 29th Dec 1843”.

As Douglas and Angus studied the Russian artifacts, Elmer turned to revisit the North/South American jewelry display. Blocking his path was another Navajo girl doll; when he picked her up he heard her sobbing: “Please. I didn’t know. I didn’t know.”


The center of the room was filled with Polynesian and Hawaiian artifacts, including stone Tiki gods, one Moai head, and a display of elongated skulls. Douglas and Angus passed this to reach the Egyptian mummy, but turned to follow Elmer and Scott into the next room rather than investigate the area.

The Fourth Grand Saloon contained the aquarium; a remarkable illusion. It appeared to have a depth of hundreds of feet, and as they walked passed the fish and sharks appeared to be swimming. Scott discovered two merfolk camouflaged against coral that appeared to be over 100’ in the distance. The room also contained a glass case with “the fantastical Feejee Mermaid, from the South Pacific oceans”.



As Angus entered the Fifth Grand Saloon, he nearly tripped on another Navajo doll and kicked it over.

As Angus backed away, Scott picked it up to hand it to Elmer. He heard sobbing cries: “I didn’t mean to. I wasn’t going to keep it. Please, … please…”


As the others started into the room, Angus retreated back to the Aquarium room. Very shortly, he felt something lightly touching his left leg. He glanced down and saw something at his leg, lapping at blood that was spilling down his leg and pooling on the floor. He carefully pulled his gun and shot the creature, which turned and hissed as it quickly shot off and out of the room.


They decided it was late and it would be better to investigate during the day to “get a baseline” first, before continuing with nighttime investigating. As they headed down the stairwell to the first level, they heard noises coming from Malone’s Cafe and Coffee. As they approached, it fell silent. However, the noises were replaced with a loud and slow steady pounding that echoed through the building. As they walked by the Cobbler, the noise was clearly coming from within – but when Douglas investigated, he found nothing but a large strip of leather being worked to include decorative metal studs.

Meanwhile, Angus saw a cloudy mist form over the columns at the end of the corridor, and slowly begin to move towards them. It turned and entered into the General store – but when Douglas and Scott investigated, they found nothing out of the ordinary.

As they reached the end of the hall, they heard loud scratching coming from behind the door to the storage hall. Scott opened the door to reveal 6 very large rats and a large pack of smaller rats behind. Both Douglas and Angus saw the twisted faces of Sherman and Walter on 2 of the rats. These charged at Douglas; he responded by running back down the hall. While Angus and Elmer fought off the rats, Scott slammed the door shut – successfully winning a “battle of wills” against the haggard black woman who somehow clawed at his neck trying to stop him. Turning to fight the rats, the door swung open again, apparently of its own accord, and the group decided to flee and retrieve Douglas. Angus fired several shots into the rat pack, which resulted in the vermin feeding on the carnage rather than chasing after the investigators.

Meanwhile, as Douglas was fleeing down the corridor, the door to the Cobbler opened revealing that the room was now well lit by a lantern. He ran inside, shut the door, and heard someone tapping at the work table. “Yes, what do you need?” a raspy voice asked him. After some conversation, and the mention of Annie, the ‘cobbler’ became angry and leaped onto the counter. It was a horrid creature: short and scaly with clawed hands, horribly wrinkled leathery face, sharp cruel looking teeth, and burning bright yellow eyes – oh, and a fancy green top hat.


As Douglas attempted to calm the leprechaun down, the Angus (hearing Douglas inside) opened the door to view the scene. He was un-phased, and immediately started greeting the creature with a thick Irish accent. The creature responded favorably and, after a little discourse, Angus gave him his shoes “because they were in a terrible state” – and they continued talking as the creature started cleaning them up.



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