Annie Adler

Private investigator with poor people skills...but, tophat!


Annie’s original bio can be found at Annie’s Biography

Annie was instrumental in the defeat of the Bunyip that was bent on destroying all of mankind for the murder of his mate. The events that took place helped to harden her already strong character, and support her feelings of intellectual superiority and outstanding investigative skills. This resulted in very lucrative business ventures, which is described at Annie’s Feast of Fish Epilogue

In addition, her study of the book Magic of the Nameless Cults resulted in her learning a very interesting spell:

Charm Animal: cost 1 MP per SIZ of animal; lasts 24 hours. Animal treats the caster as a friend. When it expires, animal remembers nothing of its previous friendliness. No communication occurs. (pg 224 – core book).

ADD +5% Cthulhu Mythos for reading the book and learning the spell!

She also acquired two mystical items:

  • Black cat’s tail, which she has fashioned into a necklace, and wears like a necktie.
  • A silver locket on fine metal chain. The Locket contains a hand-drawn picture on each side – on the left is a human, slightly younger Frau Trude with a hairpiece of yellow flowers; on the right is a pretty girl with long, golden, curly locks and a blue head-band.

Annie Adler

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