Dr. Scott Everest

Socially inept parapsychologist




Scot grew up in Hamden; a small city located roughly halfway between Fairfield and Bridgeport, Connecticut. His father was a prominent leather-worker with a respectable shop and social standings. Showing exceptional intellectual skills, Scot was registered into grade school at the early age of 5, and easily kept pace with the other older students.

When Scot was 6, his world changed drastically as he and his mother were on their way to the General Store. The horses drawing a stage coach suddenly bolted, running over and killing his mother. The complexities of the incident were too much for a child of his age to fully understand; however, the simple fact that his mother had been killed was easily apparent. But along with his intense grief, he was also confused because, as he knelt next to his mother’s broken body, for an instant he thought he had seen a translucent figure. It seemed to kneel down next to his mother, stoking her forehead and taking her hand. And, almost as suddenly as it had appeared, his mother died and the apparition vanished.

Following this tragedy, he started foreseeing events, such as friends being hurt and loved ones suffering unexpected difficulties. However, when he shared these insights with his friends, he was ridiculed and made fun of. And, when his premonitions came true, the children further ostracized him due to their own misunderstandings and fears.

Knowing there must be more to this than most people understood, he started focusing on the occult. His studies revealed mysteries that made immediate and complete sense to him, and yet seemed to be jibberish to anyone else he tried to discuss them with. Now, fully realizing he had a special gift, he became more recluse as he studied the paranormal and psychic phenomena.

He has made several attempts to contact his mother’s spirit, none of which has succeeded. He makes his living through family portrait photography, which he seems to have a natural eye for. However, he also maintains a side business for “helping those who require spiritual guidance”; and his most gratifying moments have been when he has been able to help others through communication with their lost loved ones.

Dr. Scott Everest

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