Charity's Music Box

Small box 6″×9″ and 6" high – the lid being at the center of the height. It is carved from beautiful dark redwood, embossed with roses that have been painted white, and inscribed with evergreens branches. An oval in the center of the top reads:

In Memory
of Charity

A turn bar hangs out of the right side of the box, to wind it up.

When opened, the box is lined with beautiful dark blue silk – worn and tattered now. On the right is an oval depression that will hold the pendant that Barnum had made for Charity. On the right is on the left is a miniature carousel of 3 brilliantly and brightly painted horses. It will turn in a circle, and the horses will even go up and down while music plays: Coal Black Rose (1829); lyrics

On the bottom is the designers mark, and date: E. V. 1890.

Charity's Music Box

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