Letter from Barnum to Nancy

Nov 23, 1887
My dearest Nancy,

It is with great despair and foreboding that I write this letter. I have tried to keep her spirit at bay, but once again she has broken free and burnt the circus to the ground. First, my beautiful home Iranistan in 1857. Then, the American Museum in 1865, and relocated American Museum in 1868. And now, my Greatest Show on Earth has fallen victim and been utterly destroyed. I fear it is that woman’s power, of which I am now a believer, seeking vengeance upon me from beyond the grave.

I will be home soon, and you must find me an artist and commission a portrait forthwith. I should arrive by Monday at the latest, and will need him to begin the work immediately upon my arrival. In the meantime, hire someone to watch over the house while you sleep. I do not mean to frighten you, but I am truly afraid for your safety, and would feel much more comfortable knowing there was someone awake at all times.

Love you always,


Letter from Barnum to Nancy

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