Letter to Sumpter

April 12, 1890
Dear Mr. Sumpter

I wish to employ your talents to create a memorial to the outstanding influential and talented inventors, discoverers, and leaders of our time. Being a most prominent capitalists myself, I hope you will not think it pompous to include myself in the tribute.

I require 5 busts and columns carved from the purest hard white stone. The details of the design I leave to your creative talents. However, the busts must be as realistic and lifelike as possible, especially that of my own likeness. More specifically, I require:

Columns: two at 2 feet, two at 2.5 feet, and one at 3 feet tall.
Busts: Winfield Scott, Christopher Columbus, Grover Cleveland, Elias Howe, Phineas T. Barnum (myself).

The tallest base and bust of myself must contain a 6 inch diameter by 1 foot depth compartment, with a 2 inch thick (preferably non-removable) plug to secure all items placed into the compartment.

Please provide a detailed estimate for the work, but begin construction immediately as I am sure you will quote an acceptable price. It is imperative that these works be completed prior to the end of this year, and I am willing to pay any additional charges you may require in order to ensure the timely completion of all items.

P. Barnum

Letter to Sumpter

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