The Lost Girl

The girl has her hair pulled to the right side, and braided into a single long pony-tail. She wears a long tweed dress with a simple reed belt, and a blue bracelet: tubes of lapis lazuli separated by gold beads, with gold chain and clasp.



  • The bracelet is her mom’s; she took it because it is pretty, so she wanted to wear it.
  • The hippo necklace is the girl’s; when the girl died, the mom spent many hours crying over the necklace – imparting her energy into it.

Her mother was trading with “the funny man that comes from far away. He has pale skin, like he’s never been out in the sun. And he talks with a funny accent. His name is Chen.”

“Mom buys pretty blue stones like these (indicating the blue lapis lazuli bracelet), tea – YUK! She always asks him about his land, and he sometimes brings her dolls and toys. I was asking him about fishing, because our fishers have to be very careful of crocodiles. He said they have alligators, and I started to get scared – but then he explained that alligators are nice. They live in the water, just like crocodiles, but their small like big dogs. And they don’t come after – they’re nice, as long as you leave them alone.

I wanted to ask him more, but mommy said they had to talk about business and I should go outside. So, I went to the water to try to find an alligator to take home. I was searching through the reeds, and that’s when the mean crocodile came out. He bit me, hard, but he didn’t get me. I ran and ran. I ran sooooo fast. I got back to the house, and my mommy picked me up. I was so tired and scared, and fell asleep.

Then, I woke up here."

The crocodile bit off the girls right arm up to the shoulder. She screamed and ran to the house. The could only think about her mother as she ran, focusing her energy on her mom’s bracelet as her life slowly left her. By the time she got there, she had already mostly bled out. Her mother scooped her up, and she died in her arms. The mother put the bracelet in a box and never wore it again. She kept the girl’s necklace in a drawer, often crying over it. This is why the girl felt the presence of her mom when she “awoke” here.

She was awakened by the Voodoo woman’s energy. Upon awakening, her soul solidified – she looked in the case and saw her mom’s bracelet, and put it on. She saw one of her necklaces (the hippo), but was concerned with finding her mom; so, she left it there. She couldn’t find her mom, but did find the alligators – so she decided to sit with them until her mommy came back.

If asked about a necklace, she had many: gold ones, turquoise ones, one with tiny giraffes on it – oh, and one that’s made of tiny white shells that come from far away. She did own one with a hippo, and remembers seeing it here. It was sitting next to her mommy’s bracelet (the one she wears now). She can take them back to where she saw it, in the Third Grand Saloon.

The Lost Girl

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