Visitor's Guide

Barnum Institute
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Visitor’s Guide


Welcome to the Barnum Institute of Science and History. The building was contracted for construction by P. T. Barnum himself, with construction completed in 1893. We hope you will be as pleased by the outstanding businesses on the ground floor, as with the fantastic collection of Barnum’s most rare and unique exhibits and artifacts on the upper floors.


The First Grand Saloon

The First Grand Saloon provides an unsurpassed series of shadow box scenes depicting every aspect of Barnum’s life, from his youth to accomplished showman. The scenes include his numerous and varied attractions, Greatest Show on Earth circus, and illustrious mansion “Iranistan”.


The Second Grand Saloon

The Second Grand Saloon provides taxidermy animals and fossilized eggs from every corner of the globe. You won’t want to miss the incredible Tasmanian Duckbill Platypus, or the African Vulture Fly. There is also a commemoration to the remarkable men, women, and children that helped build Barnum’s empire – with life-sized replicas, and even a masterfully crafted model of P. T. Barnum himself.


The Third Grand Saloon

The Third Grand Saloon displays unique artifacts from South America, Native America, Russia, Egypt, and more. At more than 4000 years old and the oldest artifact in the museum, you’ll certainly not want to miss the Egyptian mummy Pa-Ib and his mystical Amulet of Divination.


The Fourth Grand Saloon

The Fourth Grand Saloon celebrates the oceans and waterways of the world, with preserved fresh and salt-water fish from all over the world. The Amazing Aquarium in Miniature displays an entire ocean of sea life, while the remarkable Feejee Mermaid is certainly a wonder to behold.


The Fifth Grand Saloon

The Fifth Grand Saloon houses the largest animals from around the globe, and rare artifacts made from their horns, bones, and hide. The Wild Ape Woman of Borneo is an absolutely incredible sight, and the actual skeleton and hide of Jumbo the Elephant stand proudly in the center of the room. A refreshment stand offers drinks and snacks at very reasonable prices.


The Sixth Grand Saloon

The Sixth Grand Saloon contains thousands of curiosities too numerous to list, including ivory carvings, historical war artifacts, precious gems, and more. One could spend an entire day in this room alone! Don’t miss the Navajo Witch, and the amazing Singer Sewing Dog.


The Seventh Grand Saloon

The Seventh Grand Saloon is a breath-taking reconstruction of the original Barnum American Museum zoo, and a re-creation of an African savannah. Amazingly high ceilings and open skylights add to the illusion, creating the most realistic non-living zoo and safari ever to be witnessed.


The Grand Lecture Hall

The breath-taking Grand Lecture Hall is an attraction itself. The hall accommodates over 200 guests with two masterfully designed balconies and unsurpassed comfort. Every seat is guaranteed to provide a magnificent view of the stage. Be sure to take a pamphlet that describes the upcoming events, as a free souvenir.


Thank You

We hope you enjoy your visit. There is far too much to see in a single day, and the exhibits and artifacts change regularly. So, we thank you for your patronage and encourage you to return soon.


Phineas and Charity Barnum ~ 1860

P. T. Barnum
The Prince of Humbugs


July 5, 1810 – April 7, 1891

Visitor's Guide

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