Angus McAbis

Ugly as sin, ginger, broken nose, diformed


A tall ginger man with a broken nose, pail white skin, fire red curly hair, and side burns. He is slightly taller and stronger looking than the average man, making him appear intimidating, and for the most part he is. He attempts to dress nicely with a black suit and a black Bowler hat, however this appears to many he is attempting to look like a clown as his red curly hair goes off to the sides. He has obviously been in many fights as his face appears slightly warped.

Due to his over sized body, both in length and in width, his clothes tend to tear in the shoulders. He has two tattoo art on him: one is from the IRA, the other has been scarred up and appears to be branded. It is next to impossible to tell where the second came from unless you know what you are looking for. However, he keeps them both well hidden; but once in a while you might get a glimpse of one.


Angus’ original bio can be found at Angus’ Biography

Angus was instrumental in the defeat of the Bunyip that was bent on destroying all of mankind for the murder of his mate. The events that took place had a strong effect on his character, which is described at Angus’ Feast of Fish Epilogue

After discovering how to keep the eyes from popping up in random places, Angus decided that in order to keep it from being found he melted metal onto it into so it looks like a metal ball-bearing or something.

After discovering how to manage his course, he continued to arm himself with weapons and explosives, as well as looking for body armor. He continues to prepare for the day something happens again in this city; this he believes is bound to happen. (As soon as Angus discovered what the Runes mean on the blade, he will decide what to do with it.)

Angus McAbis

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