Douglas Lincaster

Rich playboy with many interests


Douglas now suffers from primary delusional parasitosis, the belief that there are insects under his skin, and entomophobia after contact with a demonic entity that appeared as a collective of bugs that took human form.

Note the symptoms of each:

“An entomophobic is likely to experience enough anxiety upon viewing or otherwise coming into contact with an insect that he or she experiences a full-blown series of panic attacks. With extreme cases, the individual may lose consciousness for a short period of time. Uncontrollable weeping or a strong desire to flee from the area are also common signs that indicate an individual is suffering with this particular phobia.”


“Details of delusional parasitosis vary among sufferers, but it is most commonly described as involving perceived parasites crawling upon or burrowing into the skin, sometimes accompanied by an actual physical sensation (known as formication). Sufferers may injure themselves in attempts to be rid of the “parasites”. Some are able to induce the condition in others through suggestion, in which case the term folie à deux may be applicable.

Nearly any marking upon the skin, or small object or particle found on the person or his clothing, can be interpreted as evidence for the parasitic infestation, and sufferers commonly compulsively gather such “evidence” and then present it to medical professionals when seeking help."


Douglas’ original bio can be found at Douglas’ Biography

Douglas was instrumental in the defeat of the Bunyip that was bent on destroying all of mankind for the murder of his mate. The events that took place drove him to the brink of insanity, which only served to strengthen his desire to dabble in occult practices. Somehow, through a combination of restraint and luck, he remained sane, even through the endless months of occult studies and interactions with supernatural beings. With the help of Annie Adler and by utilizing his wealth and public standing, he was able to build his own foundation of wealth completely separated from the Family Business, which is described at Douglas’ Feast of Fish Epilogue

His occult studies proved very fruitful, resulting in learning many spells:


  • +1d4 + 1% Cthulhu Mythos points for completed study of Kinder Und Hausmarchen
  • +5% Cthulhu Mythos points for Ancient Old Ones and their Modern Day Servants
  • +9% Cthulhu Mythos for Magie der Alten Kulte

Contact Hastur’s Servant: cost 4 MP + 1d3 Sanity. Mentally transports the caster to Carcosa and summons The King in Yellow. It does not in any way make the King friendly toward the caster, and therefore could result in terrible consequences.
Summon Bug Beast: cost 4 MP + 1d3 Sanity, and requires gem of summoning. Summons forth a Bug Beast to “protect” an area defined by distinguishable physical barriers (e.g., interior of a house). The Bug Beast feeds on fear, and will attack anyone in the area indiscriminately. (Monster details below)
Summon Night Gaunts: cost 1d3 Sanity + MP (Success= MP spent x 10% to a maximum of 90%). Depending on the level of success, summons 1 to 3 Night Gaunts that will obey a single simple instruction from the caster. Upon completion of the instruction, the Night Gaunts will return to their own plane.
Call/Dismiss Shub-Niggurath: cost varies (MP + sanity). Calls the Outer Goddess Shub-Niggurath to a consecrated stone altar. The altar is consecrated by bathing the stone in blood, to the amount of 200 SIZ or more. Each call of the dark goddess requires fresh blood. (pg 223 – core book).
Breath of the Deep: cost 8 MP + 1d6 Sanity. The target’s lungs fill with sea water, causing drowning. The caster must be able to see the target. Target must succeed on opposed POW checks for 1d6 rounds; each failure costs the target 1d8 HP.


Bug Beast

Char Rolls Avg
Str n/a n/a SanityLoss 1/1d4 per attack
Con n/a n/a DamBonus n/a
Siz 3d6+2 12 Weapon n/a
Int 3d6+4 15 Skills Sense Fear 90%
Pow 3d6+2 13 MP 13
Dex n/a n/a
HP 10 – only harmed by magic Transform At will: bugs disperse and reform up to 30’ away
Move human; fly human+6 Armor
Extinguish/diminish Light: cost 2 magic; time instant
Cause Panic: cost 7 magic; creates a circle of despair with 15’ radius from caster. POW vs. POW to resist. If fail, temporary insanity that causes appropriate “flight” actions for d3+2 rounds (but no lingering effects); after which, Sanity check 1/1d4.
The Bug Beast will continue to attack an individual, until they suffer Temporary Insanity. It prefers to move between victims, making a show of dispersing and reforming, along with violating the mouth, nose, ears, and eyes on each attack.

Douglas Lincaster

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