Elmer Mannerly

A silver-haired, somewhat rotund man, Elmer is well dressed in the Southern style. His gaze is intense, he often subconsciously adjusts his cuffs.


Characteristics & Rolls

STR 11 DEX 9 INT 15 Idea 75
CON 13 APP 9 POW 14 Luck 70
SIZ 10 SAN 70 EDU 13 Know 65


Art 35
Bargain 87
Climb 50
Credit Rating 67
History 59
Jump 50
Occult 51
Other Lang: Navajo 35
Persuade 67
Psychology 69


Club aka “La canne” 40

As a boy, Elmer collected. He collected political pamphlets, stones and minerals, insects, leaves, and just about anything that exists in variety. He even had a collection of coins—foreign and domestic which totaled greater than $20 in value.

Elmer was hoodwinked when a traveler to his father’s plantation offered a magic book in exchange for the coin collection.

The book was interesting; it contained historical and natural records of so many places. However, it surely lacked any magic that Elmer could detect.

He did find stories of the South American aboriginals. The one-two punch of treachery and Maya legends had profound effect on Elmer. He gave up collecting trinkets, looking instead to acquire artifacts of the ancient Americas, and he turned his concentration to matters of business.

One day as a middle-aged man, he met with a Navajo Indian, and they shared a vision.

Just as the insects fled the black first world for they could not abide the darkness;
just as the insects fled the blue second world for they could not abide the terrible birds;
just as the first men had to flee the yellow third world for they could not abide starvation;
just as the Navajo had to flee the black & white fourth world for they could not abide the flood;
so now the fifth world is beset by a great and fearful force that no man nor machine of man may abide.

Elmer now travels seeking more clues to this great force; a way in which it may be bargained with, killed, ruled, or forestalled, or a path to a sixth world, safe from this one’s dangers.

Elmer Mannerly

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