The Leprechaun

Lougheryman is Irish for “Leprechaun”. If asked his real name, which holds power against him, he will reply: “Just call me Loughman”.

His prime motivation is to gain wealth. He has wealth hided away, and will become violent and aggressive if questioned about “his finances”. In any event, he always carries a purse of gold in his vest pocket – required to summon faerie folk to his aid. Currently, the purse holds 12 oz of gold, allowing him to summon 12 Little People.

Leprechaun said he drank a little too much and fell asleep. Next thing he knew, he was here.

He remembers Peter, having first met him long, long ago in a much different shop. He doesn’t remember much before (or won’t say), except that “when Peter opened (… the cobbler kit) … his shop, I was very excited to be awake again”. Perhaps it was too forward, but he immediately approached Peter with a business proposition. Peter accepted, and shortly thereafter the original shop owner “left” and Peter took over the business.

He also remembers Peter’s struggles to keep his family alive. Everyone around them was starving, ‘cause of the horrible blight, but he helped Peter so both he and his wife were able to survive. "Magic food ain’t the most nutritious of things, but it will keep a person from starvin’."

Years later, when Peter had his baby, Peter became even more concerned with his family’s well-being. The blights seemed to be coming in waves. And even though they had survived, he wanted a better life for his family. Peter discussed this with him over drinks, but he was very firm with him stating: “I will not travel away from my homeland. Who knows what treachery and evil lies beyond Ireland’s borders.”

He must have had too much to drink, because all he remembers is falling asleep and then waking up in this room. (When his tools are sealed, he is imprisoned and rendered unconscious for a time.)

“I used to wander around a bit – lots of strange things here: she-puca (female ghost), bobodha (hobgoblins, or unnatural beings), cursed souls. And then SHE appeared. Don’t want to run afoul of her – she’s pretty nasty. Can’t believe she tried to burn this whole place down; but I wasn’t standing for it. Not sure if she realized what I’d done, but I stopped her little fire – and, I keep an eye on her, as much as I can. I mostly keep to my own, now. We have a kind of unspoken agreement: she don’t mess with me, and I don’t mess with her.”

“First time I saw her was when old Malone’s place caught fire and burnt. I put a stop to it, made it look like it just went out by its own due to the hardwood.”

“Yeh, I saw them carryin’ off a large bust of some old guy. They replaced it with some other old guy – so, I figured they was just not sure who they wanted atop the tall column. Humans are odd like that. Strange thing about that column – something strange about it, but I don’t care to know more than that.”

“Sure, I know where they took it. Upstairs somewhere. But I don’t go up there. Ventured once, but there’s some strange things up there – unsettled things. Humans really need to be more careful with old things – need to have more respect; shouldn’t just go messin’ and rearranging without a care. Things is often much, much older than most human’s could even comprehend – and as such, shouldn’t be messed with other than to be set right or, better yet, left alone in the first place!”

  • 1818 – Peter Tobely O’Brien born in Galway Ireland
  • 1845 – Peter, a very respectable cobbler and Catholic, finds a remarkable cobbler’s kit – and makes friends with Mr. Loughman
  • 1845 – first catastrophic potato blight. (1846-1855 = the Great Famine.) Mr. Loughman helps Peter’s family through the tough years.
  • 1862 – Sean O’Brien born to Peter and wife Ida
  • 1864 – Peter gets Mr. Loughman drunk, and tricks him back into the cobbler’s kit
  • 1864 – Peter charters a ship to the Americas with wife Ida and 2 year old son Sean
  • 1864 – Peter gets ill on the ocean voyage and dies (1818 to 1864)
  • 1891 – Sean decides to try his hand at cobblery, and begins an apprenticeship with a local cobbler. He does well and believes he has a natural talent, and begins saving up to open his own shop.
  • 1893 – Sean signs a lease with Barnum Institute of Science and History to open a Cobbler Shop on the first floor.
  • Apr 10, 1893 – Mr. Loughman awakes inside the cobbler shop at Barnum Institute of Science and History. He immediately begins cleaning and organizing the shop.
  • Apr 13, 1893 – Mr. Loughman, fed up with how Sean keeps “messin’ up things” confronts him about “how things out’a be to do the work right and efficient”. Sean flees in panic, abandoning both his property and the lease
  • Apr to May, 1893 – Mr. Loughman investigates the upper floors, but finds “disturbing” things. He decides to keep himself to his shop.
  • May 21, 1893 – Mr. Loughman witnesses crew carrying P. T. Barnum’s bust to the upper floors.
  • May 22, 1893 – Mr. Loughman feels the presence of Joice Heth voodoo witch, and witnesses her attempt to burn down the building. He isolates the fire to Malone’s Cafe and Bar.
  • Apr 13, 1894 – Mr. Loughman witnesses Annie stealing his hammer. He “plays a trick” on her, and ends up meeting the rest of the group. Douglas strikes up a business proposition with him – to help him setup shop in the populated town of Fairfield.
  • Apr 14, 1894 – Mr. Loughman packs up shop and rides with the investigators back to Fairfield.

The Leprechaun

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